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Customer Success Stories - Fruta Vida is a unique blend of 3 super foods from the Amazon rainforest, formulated and manufactured in an FDA approved and certified facility, using a proprietary process. 

Each of the three super foods in Fruta Vida (Acai, Yerba mate, and Cupuacu) were carefully selected by Dr. Helgo and Scott Paulson because of their unique properties, and subsequently, this power packed health beverage affects users in different ways. 

Read what just a few of Fruta Vida customers are saying�

The results that I have seen with Fruta Vida have been nothing short of miraculous. Right from the first day, my energy level, degree of concentration, and amount of work I could accomplish increased significantly. I also noticed that my sleep was more restful. In addition, my desire for food decreased, and I could not eat as much food. I also lost any cravings for sweets, junk foods, and coffee. However, the greatest benefit involved its anti-inflammatory properties. I used to experience significant pain in my ribs and back associated with anxiety. These symptoms were usually relieved by eating, however, they would come back in a few hours. Since my first dose of Fruta Vida, I haven't had one episode of pain nor anxiety. A true miracle!

One other tremendous benefit has to do with my blood sugar. My father had diabetes and was on insulin most of his adult life. His father, my grandfather, was also diabetic. I learned about 6 months ago that I had high sugar. It used to run from 150 or 160 to in the mid-200's. After being on the Fruta Vida for about 1 month, I was concerned about the effects on my blood sugar. I just checked my sugar 2 hours after eating (the most accurate time to check the blood sugar) and it was perfect-105. I am one happy camper!
I now recommend the Fruta Vida to my patients, family, and friends. It has been a true God-send to learn of this wondrous product! -
Dr. Donald Mantell, MD, ND

I started taking Fruta Vida 1 week ago. I suffered for years with a sleep disorder that would keep me up, night after night. I wouldn't even feel tired till 2-4 in the morning. I would force myself to bed, and then lay there tossing and turning, and once I would start to fall asleep, my body would do this thing that would scare me... like my heart would stop for a while, and then wake me up several times a night. 

I don't have health insurance, and to be truthful with you, I always knew that if I did go to the doctor, all he'd do is put me on meds. I had enough things control me in my life, and I wasn't going to be controlled by a pill. 

Well, I am proud to say sleep isn't a problem for me anymore. I am tired around 11:00 PM, and I go to bed and fall asleep with no problem (no heart stopping, no tossing and turning, no waking up in the middle of the night). 

When I wake up, I feel great. I would wake up before and feel like I'd been run over. I had no energy.. Maybe I was suffering with some sort of depression that caused my sleep disorder - I don't know.. All I know is that my attitude is the best it's been in a long time. I want to get up in the morning. I feel like a brand new me... 

This is the highlight of what this product has done for me. There is a lot more .. I just want people to know there is an alternative, and you don't need to suffer through life like I did.. Just 2 oz. in the morning and the extra oz. in the mid day is all I need.. I thank the company, and my family thanks them as well. -
Melody Vice

I want to let you know the health benefits I've received from Fruta Vida. I started taking the juice, one ounce per day, on January 15, 2005. At that time I was able to only dance one line dance, and was then too tired to do anymore. Within 2 weeks, I was able to dance 2 hours! Fruta Vida has really given me more energy than I've had in a long time. 
Barbra Lankford

Dear Anne:
The Fruta Vida came today at about 3:00 PM. I immediately took 3 ounces. I went in to post some things on the computer, and at 6:00 PM, realized that I was late for an appointment and rushed out of the house. On my way, I realized that I had sat at the computer for almost 3 hours and had not fallen asleep!! And to top that, I was due for 4 pain pills at 4:00 PM, which I had not taken because the pain did not signal me! I finally took them at 6:45 PM, and only because I did not want to go into withdrawal.

It is now 1:00 AM ,and I have not fallen asleep again and I am at the computer. I took a second 3 ounces of the magic juice at about 9:00 PM. I think I had better not take any now or I won't sleep.

This could be a coincidence, but I doubt it. Tomorrow should tell the story because the hours between 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM are my most difficult. I always feel like a zombie during those hours. I'll let you know how it goes.
Thank you, Thank you �

Excitement is an understatement of how I'm feeling now. I've lost 29 lbs in just over 7 weeks on Fruta Vida alone! I do not exercise (although I need to). I haven't been on any special diet. I just simply am not hungry any more. I feel totally revitalized. 
When I show people my photo of how I looked at Christmas, they look at me and look at the picture, and look at me again and say "For Real?"

I weighed approximately 205 lbs when I first started drinking Fruta Vida in late February. I ordered the product simply to gain more energy to deal with my full time (traditional) business and five small children. Well to my amazement, the inches and the pounds lterally peeled off.

My kids are now excited for Saturdays to arrive because Mommy now has the energy to go outside and play with them. My friends and family all watched in amazement as I shrunk before their eyes. Now that may not mean much to some people, but it is major to me.

I've been on EVERY diet known to man. You can simply say C and I'll shout Cabbage Soup Diet; or A and I'll shout Atkins... But nothing has ever worked this effectively, this fast. Well, I drink 4 to 6 ounces a day religiously. I have to have my Fruta Vida. I am more energetic and thin than I've EVER been in my adult life.

I do not have the words to express my gratitude for Fruta Vida! Thank you for this miraculous, incredible product. -
Leola Anifowoshe

I just want to tell you what Fruta Vida has done for my wife. In the past, I have taken other health products. They all say what kind of results you will get from them. Most of them did not do for me or my wife what they said they would.

When I received my first order of Fruta Vida, my wife did not take it. She asked, "What new product are you taking now?" I did not try to get her to take it.

She thought it was more of the same, but when a few people she knows were taking Fruta Vida and having good results, she wanted to give it a try.

After the 3rd day, I noticed a big difference in her. She has been on anti-depression drugs in the past. With any anti-depression drug, after a while, they don't work, so the dose has to be raised. Then, after a few months, it quits working, so they have to put her on a different kind. Then the cycle starts all over again.

She has slowly taken herself off of them. She has been off of any anti-depression drugs for about 3 months now, but still needed something to balance her brain chemistry. Fruta Vida is the only thing that she has taken that has done that without drugs. It did it in just 3 days. She only takes one ounce a day because she is a diabetic. She has been on this amazing juice for about 2 weeks now, and she is doing great. Her blood sugar was also 118 today. It has been between 150-200.

Fruta Vida has given me a lot more energy, as well. - William Brock

For the last five years, I have developed various allergies. The skin on my back dried up and developed pigmentations. Last year in summer, my allergies lead to an asthma attack.

Having taken Fruta Vida now for some four weeks, I have seen a real improvement in my skin condition. No longer is it dry, but now more normal than it has been for years.

A recent blood test and ECG by my doctor, also revealed that my blood circulation has improved to near perfect, and that my blood itself, is that of a very healthy person.

My energy levels have increased, and with looking after my six month old baby during the day, and my five year old boy in the afternoons, I needed it!

Fruta Vida is now a part of my daily ritual, and will be for many years to come. -
Gary J. Kidd

I have been using the product for a month and a half now. I think I just received my
sixth bottle. I have used it in a couple of ways, and found that the benefits are the same
no matter which way I use it. There has been a bout of flu and stomach viruses plaguing my erea for the last month or so. With the combination of Fruta Vida at least once a day and most times twice a day, I have been able to keep from getting sick. I am usually very ill around January, February of every year ,and this year it didn't happen. I can only attribute it to taking Fruta Vida every day. -
John O'Sullivan

Hi Sis, 
When you told me about Fruta Vida, I was skeptical due to the fact that I've been buying all kinds of health drinks for the past 3 years (that promoted energy boosts) with no results.

As you know, I've had breast cancer, and have been treated with chemotherapy as well as radiation. During the treatment, I was bitten by a dog, and had to take a two week course of antibiotics, which left my body unbalanced, and caused a systemic yeast infection.

This left me with numerous symptoms, especially severe fatigue. I was reluctant to try the Fruta Vida juice because everything else has failed. I didn't want to waste anymore money on useless products. Thank you for your persistence, Sis. This product works! 

I have so much energy now. It's going to take some time before I conquer the yeast, however, I was just spinning my wheels in the past because it's not going away unless I have energy and a stronger immune system to fight it. I now have hope that I can get my health back. 

Thanks again. I am a Fruta Vida standard member now on the monthly autoship - under your number. To good health! Your Sis,

I've been taking Fruta Vida since January of this year. I take just one ounce per day, and that keeps me energized for hours. I just don't feel exhausted anymore. I told my aunt (she's 78 yrs. old) about the product and had her take an ounce last Saturday (3-12-05) to see if she could see a significant difference in her body, as she was interested in ordering it. 

She told me she had much more energy that day. Her appetite was curbed (which she needs), and her arthritis pain left her. She was just amazed with what one ounce of the Fruta Vida did for her that day. She definitely wants to start taking it everyday. 

My Mother will be 86 on the 17th of this month, and I gave her one ounce this afternoon as she was so tired and just dragging, and her arthritis pain in her back was hurting pretty bad. She took just one ounce around 4:00 p.m. today, and in just a very short time, she felt so much stronger, she wasn't tired, and her arthritis pain left. She said "look how strait I can walk now". She also is going to start taking it daily. This product is just amazing! It starts to work in just a very short time. 
Thank you. -
Delores Powell

My husband Michael drives an 18 wheeler - tractor/trailer. His driving is usually done all night long. Since Michael doesn't drink coffee, smoke, or take things to keep him awake, we have been searching for something "natural" that will help him stay alert and not fall asleep. 

When we received our Fruta Vida, Michael was scheduled to leave that night on a run. I gave him 2 oz to take whenever he needed it, since we didn't know what to expect. Well, when he began to feel sleepy and not as alert as he'd like to be, he took the whole 2 oz at once. He said in 5 minutes he felt a difference. He was alert and not sleepy. Yet, when he arrived at his destination, he was able to go to sleep.

We are so thankful for this product. Now, we have found something to handle that situation, and look forward to finding out more results from Fruta Vida. - Pat Berg

I am a 53 year old woman that has been disabled for a couple of years now. I have had bone replacements in both hands plus insomnia and a fatigue problem as far back as I can remember. Several weeks ago, I was introduced to the product Fruta Vida. I make a power shake every morning, but once I added Fruta Vida to it, I have not been the same!!!!

Even though I still have my aches and pains, I am able to deal with them better because I have energy to take me through the day. I am accomplishing things that were so hard for me before. Constant fatigue is a terrible problem, and unless you suffer from it, you can not begin to understand. After the second day, I noticed that I am able to do daily tasks quicker than ever before.

It has just amazed me beyond words! So a special thank you to those who are responsible for this wonder, it should be apart of every persons daily regiment! Upon describing Fruta Vida to anyone, all I can say is that is almost too "Awesome" to believe!!!!!!! Thank You Again - Brenda Crook

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