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Listen To A Recent Interview With Fruta Vida International's Co-Founder & CEO, Scotty Paulson.


Please spend a few minutes listening to Fruta Vida International's CEO, Scotty Paulson, as he discusses the Fruta Vida opportunity on a "live" call back in early January, 2005.

It is a fascinating discussion, and will provide you with insight into our company and the opportunity it offers.

Once you've listened to the recording, be sure to see the "options section" below. 

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Your Next Step?...

If what you've heard today has piqued your curiosity even more... 

If you understand the importance timing can have when starting a home business... 

If you believe that Fruta Vida International just may meet the criteria you're looking for in your home business... 

Or, if you like what you've seen and read, but need to know more before making a decision... 

Then, we've included Several Options below to help you take the next step that's appropriate for you at this time.



1.) Still Have Questions? Call or email me. My email link and phone number are included below.

2.) Click Here to learn more about our power packed product, Fruta Vida.

3.) Click Here to meet the owners of our company.

4.) Click Here to read what some of our members and customers have to say about their experiences with our product.

5.) Click Here to review an easy-to-understand explanation of our compensation plan. i.e. How You're Paid For Your Efforts.

6.) Click Here to learn about the marketing and support tools our team provides for you, and why choosing the right mentoring and support team can be so critical to your success.

7.) Click Here to learn about our membership enrollment options.

8.) Click Here to visit my personal corporate web site.

Seen and heard enough? Are you ready to get started today? Would you like to try a bottle of Fruta Vida, risk free? Just access the button directly below.

Thinking About Your Future With Fruta Vida?

Candi Tyler
Col, Louisiana



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