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The Fruta Vida International Opportunity...
Our Owners!

Fruta Vida International is a new division of a ten year old established company. Both entities are headquartered in Austin, Texas (physical address available on corporate web site) with satellite offices in the United Kingdom and Mexico.

We're currently open for business in the USA, Canada, the UK, Mexico, the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France, all US Territories (Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Federated States Of Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands), with more countries to open in 2005...

Fruta Vida's Owners and Leadership Team of Anthony Shaw and Scotty Paulson bring a tremendous amount of experience in direct sales and referral marketing industries to the table.

30+ Years of executive management.

30+ Years product design and development.

Built $100 million business.

Established distributor teams in excess of 250,000 people.

Below you will find a brief bio on both owners.

Scotty Paulson and Anthony Shaw, both have stellar track records in the home business arena as successful company owners, not as distributors. That's very important.

Translated: Our owners have been there and done that before, and they know first hand what's needed to successfully build a large and flourishing referral marketing based company.

Scotty Paulson and his father started a company in 1995, with $10,000 of seed capital, and a lot of desire and determination to make a difference in the home business arena for the part time entrepreneur.

Their company grew to over $100,000,000.00 (One Hundred Million Dollars) in sales in just three years, before it merged with a Fortune 500 nutritional manufacturing firm. Scotty stayed on as CEO for the first year of the merger, and then threw away his alarm clock and retired at the age of 36!

Our other owner, Anthony Shaw, founded Fruta Vida's parent company, Pro Image
, in 1995. Prior to launching Pro Image, Tony was the Executive Director of Sales Development for 10 years with a little known Billion Dollar company called Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Collectively, Scotty & Tony's companies grew to over 250,000 distributors, where they paid out more than
$150,000,000.00 (one Hundred Fifty Million Dollars) in commissions to their distributors.

Their goal over the next few years (because of this high impact product and a very generous and simple pay plan) is to put their signatures on
(One Billion Dollars) in distributor commission checks... 

Now consider that you are in the first wave of entrepreneurs worldwide to learn about Fruta Vida International, and I believe you can begin to get just a small glimpse of "the window of opportunity" that is currently available with Fruta Vida.

Keeping It Simple

u High Impact With An Enviable Reorder Rate And Money back Guarantee...

u Fair, Simple, And Generous Compensation...

u Excellent Marketing Tools Including A Free Automated Marketing Website And Proven Advertising Program To Help Build Your Business...

u Excellent Timing - You're Here Early...

u And Finally, Proven Ownership...

The Only Thing Left Is You Taking Action When You've Made Up Your Mind That It's Time Too Exit The "Rat Race."

Seen Enough?

Seen and heard enough, and you're ready to get started now? That's easy. Just access the link I've included below for instructions.

Candi Tyler
Col, Louisiana

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