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The Fruta Vida International Opportunity...
What Does Fruta Vida International, The Oprah Winfrey Show, NBC's Today Show, The Health Science Institute, & The Wall Street Journal All Share In Common?...

Health Science Institute

It's what ancient tribes and indigenous people of the Amazon have known for centuries, and what the rest of the world is just now discovering: 

An ancient fruit called the Acai Berry.

This little known fruit from deep inside the Amazon rainforest has been making headlines throughout North America and Europe over the past year. 

It's been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the HSI, on NBC's Today Show, and just recently on the Oprah Winfrey Show where Dr. Nicholas Perricone (a recognized authority on anti-aging) named the Acai Berry as one of the most nutritious and powerful anti-aging foods in the world.

The Acai berry ("ah-sigh-ee") is also the primary super food in a delicious, new power packed functional health beverage just introduced by Fruta Vida International. It is appropriately called Fruta VidaTM - "Fruit Of Life."

*Note: MSNBC, Oprah, the Wall Street Journal, and the HSI are not endorsing Fruta Vida. They are reliable sources that have reported on the benefits of the primary ingredient in Fruta Vida, the Acai fruit.

Other celebrities such as Wynonna Judd, Denise Richards, James Taylor, Paris Hilton, and Usher are also praising the benefits of the Acai fruit.

Sports Illustrated for Women (September, 2002) called the Acai fruit one of "The 41 Best Things on Earth," and "the best fruit you've never heard of."

The London Times reported, "Acai is the fruit of an Amazonian Palm Tree with the nutritional content that makes other fruits blush with inadequacy."

The U.S. Health Sciences Institute describes Acai as, "nature's perfect food." 

In its MAKE TIME FOR section, Time Magazine's February 14th, 2005 Edition called Acai berries, "NATURAL TREATS from Brazil, with twice the antioxidants of blueberries and a taste like blackberries crossed with chocolate.", in a feature article by Cheryl Roth and Mara Engel, reported... "As one of the many treasures of Brazil, coupled with its surmounting health benefits and nutrients, Acai has certainly proven to be the berry on top of the cake."

Acai has recently also received rave reviews from Men's Health Journal, Vogue, Gourmet Magazine, and the Miami Herald.

Often referred to as "The Viagra Of The Amazon" by the indigenous people of Brazil, the Acai Berry is also known to have many other potential health benefits including:

u Greater Energy And Stamina - Many People Feel The Results Almost Immediately...
u Helps Combat Heart Disease and Control Cholesterol. 
u Promotes Better Sleep & Weight Loss.
u Can Improve Mental Clarity.
u Strengthens Your Immune System.
u Helps Slow Down The Aging Process. 
u Improves Digestion. 
u A Very Powerful Antioxidant.
u Helps Fight Infection. 
u Can Help Control Prostate Enlargement...

*Yerba Mate, one of the other 2 super foods found in Fruta VidaTM - Can Help Lower Blood Pressure; Helps Balance/Calm Nerves; and Reduces Nerve Pain; Helps Fight Depression; Can Aid in Diabetic Treatment; Helps Fight Bad Breath, and much more...

Yerba Mate, is also the national drink of Argentina, with a 1999 study reporting that 92% of all households in Argentina consume Mate.

In its October 2003 edition, Woman's World Magazine featured Yerba Mate, calling it, "South America's Secret Weight Loss Tea."

The Theograndins (polyphenols) found in Cupuacu (the final Amazon rainforest treasure in Fruta VidaTM) were uniquely effective in tests at killing colon cancer cells....  

This delicious fruit, Cupuacu, happens to be a potent health resource. When foreigners visit the rainforest, native Amazonians will often offer them Cupuacu - the "Taste of the Amazon." (See the product page on this site for more details on all three of the super foods in Fruta Vida).

But What Does All Of This Have To Do With You Starting A Profitable Business From Your Home?

Far more than you can imagine... 

In just its first six weeks since opening, Fruta Vida International posted record setting numbers that were nothing short of astounding in the home business arena.

FACT: Your success in any home business depends on many factors, not the least of which is personal effort. Yet, it can only help when you align yourself with a company that's already demonstrated the ability to separate itself from the pack. That's where you'll find your "diamond in the rough."

No, we won't build your business for you... And you won't make a gazillion dollars with our company by next month. 

However, if you're sincere, what we will offer you is the opportunity to market a product that does make a difference in peoples' lives (and quickly)... Financial compensation that is fair for everyone - not just a select few... And finally, perhaps more real support and relevant marketing tools than you've ever had available to you before when starting a home business.

Note: If you don't believe there is an exploding demand by consumers in the marketplace for functional health beverages like Fruta Vida, then think again. You would be wrong!... We don't expect you to just take our word for it. When you visit the rest of my site, be sure to click on the Functional Health Beverage link on the PRODUCT page, and read what independent third party sources have to say about the future of the Functional Health Beverage Industry.

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