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I've been drinking Fruta Vida for about 7 weeks now, and I love it. I'm sleeping much better... Not longer, just better. I can remember my dreams again. I've lost 11 lbs. in the past 7 weeks (from 210 down to 199). I'm not doing anything different, just not eating as much because I'm not hungry. My BP has also stabilized. 

I love the taste of Fruta Vida. I drink 2 ounces every morning around 7 AM, and I feel the energy surge within minutes. I'm also much more focused and relaxed. I drink another 1-2 ounces around 2 PM, and that keeps me going until I retire in the evening. My wife and daughter say my hair is starting to glow again... HA HA. 

Something else quite dramatic has also started to happen to me: My fingernails are growing again, and growing rapidly. 

I'm 53 years old, and have not had long fingernails for almost 33 years, when I bit them off from nervousness as I was coming home from the Marines and Vietnam. People are telling me the reason this is happening now, at my age, is because my body is becoming healthy again. I don't know if it's the Fruta Vida, but it has to be... Because the only thing I've done differently in the past 2 months was make Fruta Vida a part of my daily diet.

Long fingernails at age 53 may not seem like a big deal to most people, but for me and my family, it's life changing. My daughter started drinking Fruta Vida just because in her 24 years on this earth, she never saw her daddy with long fingernails.

What I have come to realize, and it's not pleasant for me to think about or admit: I may have been on someone's operating table in the next 5-10 years had this gift from Fruta Vida International not come into my life.

Thanks Tony, Scotty, & Dr. Helgo for giving us a great product. - Keith Francis


"I've taken the Fruta Vida 2 days now, and think it's great. Haven't wanted coffee, don't feel the need to eat???? Who ME?? Slept like a log last night, woke up and wanted to GET UP??? ME??? I've been working all day and haven't fallen asleep yet :) It's wonderful!!" - Dr. Marilyn Salter

When we received our Fruta Vida in January, both my wife and I started taking one ounce in the morning and another ounce in the afternoon.

The second day of taking the Fruta Vida, I noticed how it definitely curbed my appetite, and in fact, made me feel like I had just gotten up from a Thanksgiving dinner where I had over stuffed myself. My wife Claudia, stated that she wished that it would have had that same effect on her, which come to find out, it did have that same effect on her on the fifth day of taking the Fruta Vida.

Both of us felt additional energy and a sense of well being, and found that we were sleeping better after only just a few days of taking the Fruta Vida.

Then came the problem when we ran out of Fruta Vida!! We had been without Fruta Vida for just over two weeks, and just received our new shipment yesterday. We both immediately took one ounce of the product, as it was late in the afternoon, and my wife Claudia commented around 9:30 PM, "I can definitely feel the difference in energy from the Fruta Vida. Don't you dare run out of it again!"

This is definitely a great product, and we can't wait to see what other benefits we will receive after continued uninterrupted use for a long period of time.

Thanks Fruta Vida!! -
Rod & Claudia Dockter

While talking with my friend, Celeste, I decided to open another bottle of Fruta Vida, as I chose to go off it for a few days to see if I noticed a difference. I loved the taste, so I decided to guzzle some around 3 PM. I don't know how much - maybe a quarter to a half cup.

My mood shifted within minutes. I felt dumpy and like taking a nap before that. However, instead I had an enormously productive day, evening, and night. I got so much done with my thinking clear and my energy constant. I was wide awake until 4 AM ... finally, I realized it was because I took so much so late in the afternoon.

I usually don't feel the effects of things like this. However, the extra quantity I took let me know without question that it works. - Virginia

"I was commenting to someone two weeks ago about how good I was feeling after taking Fruta Vida, and also about how my "need" for coffee in the morning had subsided quite a bit. In fact, I was so used to drinking my two cups each morning at work that I thought something was wrong with me when I realized that I didn't really have the craving much anymore. I have to say that I do feel a bit healthier, and I don't get the caffeine jitters. Also, last week I had some very busy days at work, and I had two nights in a row where I slept 3 hours one night and 4 hours the following night.

Upon waking both days, I took 2 ounces of Fruta Vida followed by another 1 ounce 45 minutes later. At the 60 minute mark, I was wide awake and feeling pretty good. I took another 1 ounce in the afternoon and another ounce in the early evening. I actually felt great the entire week, and never had that run down feeling that I would have had in the past. I definitely recommend multiple doses throughout the day." - Robert Fava

"Good Morning, Marilyn - Thank you for all your work. I also am sleeping great - Love the taste of it!!! And have noticed that I am satisfied eating less and less often. Thank you for introducing it to Fruta Vida..." - Marilyn Tilton

I started taking Fruta Vida yesterday morning....don't really know how much I took ounce-wise, but the equivalent of two plastic cups that come with a bottle of Pepto-Bismol or cough syrup - two in the morning and two around 1-2 p.m. I've noticed the following, in just two full days, with four doses under my belt:.

I didn't even THINK about coffee at my standard 2 p.m. "oooh, I need it" coffee time. I have a steady but calm energy (I usually have the energy of a roller coaster, up, down ,up ,down 

No need for my morning anti-diarrheal tablet...haven't even thought that I might have one of those awful clutch-the-steering wheel-and-drive-like-the-dickens-and-please, God-give-me-all-green-lights because a sudden "attack" has hit somewhere between home and where ever it is that I'm going... 

I'm a "late bloomer" when it comes to trying new supplements - meaning, that I tend to notice changes only after I've used a product for a certain length of time ( MONTHS). Therefore, I'm very pleasantly surprised to be noticing changes this soon, as I had absolutely NO expectation in my head, simply because I didn't want to be disappointed. 

The product tastes so good, and I can tell it has stuff in it my body craves, because I can  hear my tummy giggle. But honestly, I could just drink my whole bottle down (can you tell the word "moderation" is NOT in my vocabulary??)

I feel like it's quenching a thirst that I've felt for a long time. I don't begin to understand what's going on, but I can say I'm lovin' every minute of it!! If it does nothing else but get me off my anti-poop "glue" pills (as I call 'em), I'll be so dog-gone happy that I'll just roll on the ground and wiggle.... Cindy C.

I have been a teaching tennis pro for over 25 years. I used to begin my long days with coffee or another high caffeine drink, followed by diet cokes every couple of hours. I didn't like taking so much caffeine, but nothing else satisfied my energy demands, especially the need for mental sharpness. Now, I drink two ounces of Fruta Vida in the morning and another two after lunch. My need for caffeinated beverages has virtually disappeared. Before, after eight hours on the court, I used to drag myself home at night. Now, I'm good to go until bedtime. I'm very impressed with Fruta Vida. -
Bruce Caton

I love Fruta Vida. Since I began drinking 3 ounces of Fruta Vida a day, I am thinking more clearly and breathing more freely. My blood sugar has been normal since I began drinking it. It's like I can actually feel the antioxidants clearing free radicals out of my body. My whole system is working better. I have clearer dreams, and I needed to tell you guys about it. I don't know yet all of the benefits, but the research on Acai berries alone is amazing. I just know Fruta Vida is a valuable discovery. It is healthy and safe and can easily pay for itself.

Today when I awoke, I felt tired. I felt like I needed a nap. I asked James to get me a couple of ounces of the Fruta Vida juice. Within seconds, I was awake, felt great, and had a happy face. As an antidepressant, it is fantastic. I just thought you should know. -

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