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A Home Business Created With The Part Time Entrepreneur In Mind.

The Fruta Vida International Opportunity...
Why Our Fruta Vida Team!


As we mentioned in our introduction, Fruta Vida's record growth is already turning heads in the home business arena. As industry veterans, we firmly believe that if someone is seriously looking at the health & wellness industry as the place to build their home business, at some point in time, they will ultimately take a very close look at our company.

...And for those who determine that Fruta Vida does meet the criteria they're looking for in a home business, their next logical step will be: Finding the right team to align themselves with.

Just as it is critical to choose the right company when searching for a home business, aligning yourself with the right support team can be equally as important.

It can be the difference, with a company like Fruta Vida, in earning $100 a month versus $1,000 a month - if you're a beginner... And $2,000 a month versus $10,000 or more a month if you're a seasoned veteran.

So why should you consider joining our Fruta Vida support team?

We won't shower you with a lot of smoke and mirror promises... We prefer to let our results speak for us.

Not only are we one of the largest organizations in Fruta Vida, we're also one of the fastest growing... Those numbers can be documented, if needed.

We are one of the fastest growing groups in our company because of one reason: SUPPORT

We support our team members... From the novice to the seasoned veteran, we have tools to help you build a successful Fruta Vida business.

For example, this web site you're reviewing right now is one of the tools that we immediately provide for every new member of our team - ABSOLUTELY FREE. There are no hidden costs, no 30 day trials, etc. FREE is free.

This marketing system also includes a password protected member area that is also free to you.

This member area includes access to our team's advertising program for real time health & wellness business leads, if you need help building your Fruta Vida business.

We also provide you with a step-by-step follow up guide, including follow-up scripts and training.

We will soon be releasing an additional online advertising program for our team that will provide you with 'real time' leads of individuals who specifically requested more information on starting home business with Fruta Vida.

We also provide you with free access to our follow up autoresponder that will send out personalized follow up letters to your prospective Fruta Vida associates.

We also provide our members with access to a second responder that will send out a personalized welcome letter to your new members with getting started instructions.

We also conduct three live weekly business presentation calls where our members can invite guests who want to learn more about Fruta Vida.

Several of our team members (4 to be exact) are on the company's member advisory council, so you can feel confident that we have a voice in the company.

We also send out weekly updates to keep you abreast of important team and company related items.

We will soon begin releasing our offline marketing tools for our personal organization...

Bottom line? We won't forget you when you become a member.

If you're a beginner or have never achieved any significant success in the home business arena, we believe you'll appreciate the simplicity, yet thoroughness of our support.

If you're a successful veteran, we believe you'll be pleased to know that you can plug your team into an organization where you don't have to worry about providing all of the support for a change.

We can't and won't build your business for you, but we can assure you of one thing: As a member of our team, we can and do make it easier for you to succeed with Fruta Vida International.

Seen Enough?

Seen and heard enough, and you're ready to get started now? That's easy. Just access the link I've included below for instructions, and then watch our support go into action once you become a member of our personal Fruta Vita team.

Anthony Ray
1-704 634 1758
Chattanooga, TN


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