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The Fruta Vida International Opportunity...
It's Fair... It's Simple... It's Generous... And It's HOT!


When over 8,000 individuals become members of a new company in just its first 60 days... purchase this company's power packed product, and then nearly 8 in every 10 members reorder it the next month... Something very special is taking place.

Welcome to the personal web site of Anthony Ray.

Why are so many people reordering our product?... The answer is not a mystery. 

First, they love the delicious berry taste of Fruta Vida... Secondly, because of the almost instant surge of sustained energy and mental clarity they experience (no jitters here), or better sleep, better mood, etc., they become emotionally bonded to our product... But that's only the beginning of our story.

We're not going to waste your time with a lot of useless rhetoric. We prefer to let our results speak for us. 

There are many companies to choose from when looking for a home business in the Health and Wellness industry... Yet, very few have ever recorded the kind of numbers Fruta Vida International did in its first 1 1/2 months.

If you don't mind rolling up your sleeves and doing a little work; if you care about your personal health; and if making a difference in the lives of others is important to you, then we have an answer that makes sense. 

The word is out, and the numbers are in. During the first 45 days since officially opening our doors, Fruta Vida International has far surpassed all expectations! 

Our explosive new company marked its industry debut with unimaginable numbers - In The First 45 Days:

Our Sales Totaled $448,473.00.
6000 Members Joined Us. (Now over 8,000 strong and growing rapidly.)
Over $200,000.00 In Commissions Were Paid Out In Our 1st 45 Days!!!...
*Note: This $200,000.00 wasn't paid out to only a select few individuals as is the case in many companies.

...And Fruta Vida's "wave" is just beginning to swell. 

So, why is everyone all a buzz about Fruta Vida?... And what's the reason for such
unprecedented numbers? Why is Fruta Vida's new member base growing exponentially on a daily basis? 

No one has a crystal ball, but at this rate, Fruta Vida is positioned to do over $10 million in sales in its very first year, and nearly half of that $10 million dollars will be paid in commissions. People are extremely optimistic about Fruta Vida. Here's why...

Scotty Paulson & Anthony Shaw (Fruta Vida's owners) are men on a mission... And that mission is multi-dimensional. Driven by passion, vision, and purpose, their dynamic energy and professionalism is contagious. 

Many of their new members are driven by the same passion and purpose, which has lead to overwhelming enthusiasm in homes, workplaces, churches, etc. all across North America and Europe. 

The spirit of the company is "a breath of fresh air" to many. It is a departure from the norm. Rather than using "fear of loss" tactics to motivate, the opposite is true. 

With a business building system that encourages and rewards rather than oppresses and punishes, the word FUN has entered into the vocabulary of those who become Fruta Vida members. 

As some pros have put it, "This is a killer pay plan with a product that once people try it, they can not live without." What a HOT Combination. It just makes good business sense.

Introducing Fruta Vida International...

Fruta Vida International is a new division of a 10 year old company headquartered in Austin, Texas, and we're already turning heads in the home business arena, with good reason. 

We recently introduced a great tasting, power packed nutritional health beverage that consumers notice results from within minutes.

A high impact, consumable product that produces results almost instantly, combined with long term health benefits = Satisfied Customers and Members.

Satisfied Customers And Members = Repeat Orders.

Repeat Orders = Residual Income $$.

And Finally... Residual Income $$ Can = An Early Retirement, And No More Financial Worries.

Our product is appropriately called Fruta Vida - "The Fruit Of Life." Just one of the 3 "Superfoods" in this power packed formula, the Acai Berry (pronounced "ah-sigh-EE"), has already received an array of credible third party validation from sources such as the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the New York Times, & NBC's Today Show...

Celebrities such as Wynonna Judd, Oprah Winfrey, Denise Richards, & James Taylor are also praising the benefits of the Acai fruit.

Sports Illustrated for Women (September, 2002) called the Acai fruit one of "The 41 Best Things on Earth," and the "best fruit you've never heard of."

In its MAKE TIME FOR section, Time Magazine's February 14th, 2005 Edition called Acaí berries, "NATURAL TREATS from Brazil, with twice the antioxidants of blueberries and a taste like blackberries crossed with chocolate."

Acai has recently also received rave reviews from Men's Health Journal, Health Sciences Institute, Vogue, Gourmet Magazine, and the Miami Herald.

Make No Mistake About It...

This little known berry from deep inside the Amazon rainforest, which has been used by native Brazilians for hundreds of years, is just now being discovered by consumers in North America & Europe, and it's HOT!

It's hot because of reported health benefits that include:  

Greater Energy/Stamina - Many People Feel The Results Almost Immediately; Helps Combat Heart Disease and Control Cholesterol; Promotes Better Sleep & Weight Loss; Improved Mental Clarity; Strengthens Your Immune System; Helps Slow Down The Aging Process; Helps Fight Depression & Improves Digestion; A Very Powerful Antioxidant; Helps Fight Infection; Can Help Control Prostate Enlargement... and the list goes on (see product page for details). 

The Acai Berry has also been referred to as "The Viagra Of The Amazon" by Brazilian natives. (see NBC news clip with Matt Lauer on our official company web site for more details.)

When Acai is combined with the other two Brazilian rainforest treasures found in Fruta Vida (Yerba Mate, and Cupuacu), along with the proprietary process used to formulate and produce Fruta Vida in an FDA inspected and certified facility... We believe there is simply no other product quite like it on the market today.

We back up that belief with a no nonsense, 30 day, full or empty bottle, money back guarantee. 

Satisfied Members = Retention = Residual Income...

Without a product that people want and will buy, you have nothing... Read what just a few of our members and customers have to say about Fruta Vida. Just click on the Customer Testimonials banner directly below.

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Please don't try to compare Fruta Vida with any other health beverage on the market until you've had an opportunity to visit our Product page.

No Pie-In-The-Sky Promises

X We will NOT build your business for you... no one will! 
But, if you don't mind rolling up your sleeves and doing a little work, we WILL make it simple.
X We DON'T have a miracle product that cures everything... no one does! 
But we have a pretty phenomenal high impact, nutritional beverage that's already turning heads.
X Our "system" WON'T do the work for you... nor will anyone else's! 
But ours is so highly leveraged, you will not believe how easy it can be... Because simplicity = success. 
X You CAN'T make $1,000 every month for doing nothing... nor can you anywhere else! 
But we guarantee that whatever your personally referred members earn, you will also earn the same as a 100% matching bonus.. to infinity...

X You WON'T earn $10,000 your first month with us... nor will you with any company whose pay plan is fair for all of its members!
But we can help you build a stable income that will grow every month. People reorder our product because they want to, not because they have to!... That translates into income you can depend on.

And YES, we are sick and tired of competing with all of the garbage in the home business arena today!!!

We have a fun, safe, rewarding, and ethical business. Partner up with real professionals that don't leave you hanging! You can earn a comfortable living, while enjoying and sharing a power packed nutritional beverage that's making a difference in peoples' lives.

The Pay Structure For Compensating Our Associates Is One Of The Fairest And Simplest Available Anywhere:

1. There are No qualification hoops or hurdles in order for you to get paid. There are no volume requirements to calculate or sales requirements to meet... No ridiculous binary legs to balance, etc.. Simply become an active member for as little as $39.95, and you're qualified. This $39.95 includes your product and web site.

2. You'll earn weekly fast start bonuses of $20 or $70 on each new customer or member's first product order that you refer to Fruta Vida. Become a member this week, and you can receive your first check next week! Only 2 referrals can put you in profit quickly, plus (and here's where the real money in our pay plan comes in)...

 3. Earn a 100% matching bonus check equal to the monthly base commissions of every member you personally introduce to our product & company with NO qualifications needed... That's right - EVERY MEMBER!

Introduce a new member to Fruta Vida who builds a business with us and earns a $2,000 monthly check, and you'll also receive a $2,000 matching bonus check monthly simply because you referred them. (See pay plan for membership options)

There is no limit to the number of members you can refer to Fruta Vida International. You'll receive a 100% matching bonus check on each and every one of them who earns a monthly commission check with our company.


Now consider your timing with Fruta Vida International.  

u You're in the first wave of entrepreneurs worldwide to learn about our company. Would you prefer hearing about Fruta Vida now, or after we've grown to over 300,000 members in the next two years?

u Then factor in the milestone we have already surpassed in our first two months - A milestone that 97.5% of companies in the home business arena NEVER achieve in their entire lifetime... 

We've grown faster in our first two months than 97.5% of all companies in our industry grow in their lifetime - Yet, no one's heard of us.

u Consider that, even though we officially launched on January 3, 2005, we are already open for business in the USA, Canada, the UK, Mexico, the Netherlands, Ireland, all US Territories (Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Federated States Of Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands), Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France, with more countries to open in 2005...

u Consider that the owners of Fruta Vida have more than 30 years of combined executive management and business ownership experience, and they've already paid out over $150,000.000.00 (One Hundred Fifty Million Dollars) in commissions to distributors in their other companies...

u Finally, consider that their goal over the next few years (because of this amazing product and a very generous and simple pay plan) is to put their signatures on 1,000,000,000.00 (One Billion Dollars) in distributor commission checks... 

We believe you can begin to get a glimpse of "the window of opportunity" that has been opened for you today. Are you ready to look inside?

It's New... It's Simple... It's Affordable... It's HOT

A single, dynamic product that sells itself.

A pay plan that "levels the playing field," is "easy to understand," and generous for ALL members.

Company owners with a proven record of integrity and business success.

A very affordable advertising coop (less than $33) to help build your new business. Our coop finds individuals for you who specifically want to start a home business in the Health & Wellness industry, marketing a nutritional beverage product like Fruta Vida.

Timing - You're here at the beginning.

What To Do Next...

If we have in the least bit piqued your curiosity or interest, and you'd like to learn more, we've included within this web site an online recorded discussion with the CEO of our company. You'll find it both fascinating and enlightening.

Please turn on your speakers now, and simply click on the button below to listen. The recording will start automatically as soon as the page loads. 

*Note: You'll also find several links at the bottom of the next page that you can access to learn more about our power packed health beverage, Fruta Vida, along with information on our owners, and additional information on How You're Paid as a member of Fruta Vida International.

Anthony Ray
1-704 634 1758
Chattanooga, TN


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