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A Home Business Created With The Part Time Entrepreneur In Mind.

The Fruta Vida International Opportunity...
Become A Member Today! It's FREE To Enroll.


Becoming a member of Fruta Vida International and trying our power packed product is easy. You're just one step away.

First, it's FREE to sign up as a member.

Once you register as a member of Fruta Vida, you will have
2 product purchase options available:

As a standard member, you can purchase a 30 oz. bottle of Fruta Vida for $39.95 US, plus shipping & handling ($7.50). 

This option includes also includes your free company provided website, and a password protected member back office area where you can manage your new business... And of course, our 30 day, full or empty bottle, money back guarantee.

FREE SHIPPING!! If you'd like to purchase two bottles of Fruta Vida with your first order, we will waive the $7.50 S&H on your second bottle. This is a great way to save $$ on your first order. Our same money back guarantee applies.

**Fruta Vida is currently open for business in the following countries; The USA, Canada, Mexico, the UK, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Bermuda, The British Virgin Islands, and All US territories, including Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

*IMPORTANT: As a member of our personal team, you'll also receive a FREE automated marketing system (just like this) to help build your new Fruta Vida business.  

It includes a personal marketing web site just like this one; a free autoresponder that will automatically send out 8 pre-written and personalized letters for you to a prospective member; An automated "Tell-A-Friend" tool that will send out a pre-written personalized invitation for you, inviting friends, family members, or business associates to take a look at your Fruta Vida product and/or business. We also provide you with 5 personalized lead capture landing pages - if you'd like to generate your own targeted leads... And finally, you'll also receive a special home page for your website that's been designed specifically for ladies.

All of this (PLUS MUCH MORE) is provided to you at no cost, simply for being a member of our team.

Custom Fruta Vida "Real Time" Leads - In addition, if you need assistance finding prospective members/customers to build your new Fruta Vida business, we offer members of our team an exclusive and very affordable coop advertising program for Fruta Vida SPECIFIC, Real Time leads.

These leads are individuals who have already visited a special Fruta Vida website, and thereafter submitted a request form asking that they be contacted by a member of our Fruta Vida team (You) to learn more about our product and business. You receive these leads only seconds after the prospective member requests additional information.

Our Other Fruta Vida Membership Option is our Premium Membership - If you plan on sharing our product with those in your immediate household, or if your income goals starting out will be more aggressive, we recommend the premium membership.

A premium member receives all of the amenities above, plus a 4 bottle case of Fruta Vida for $139.95 US and $10 S&H.
As a Premium Member, you're also eligible to earn larger monthly commissions, larger 100% matching bonuses, and additional and larger weekly bonuses.

To enroll as a Fruta Vida member, simply access the "Sign Up Now" link below, and you'll be taken to my personal corporate web site. When my site opens, you'll see an oval
START NOW button. Click on this button, and you'll be taken directly to our secure online registration form where you'll be asked to select your country. Once you select your country and click the Continue button, you're on your way.

*Note: If you prefer to enroll via the telephone, we also offer a live, 24 hour enrollment and order line for US & Canadian members. 

The number is 1-866-348-3420. You'll be asked for your enroller's ID# which is 2249671.

There's also a live enrollment and order line for the UK -
0800 007 5983... And finally, a 9 AM-5 PM Spanish order and enrollment line - 1-866-872-4399

Accepted methods of payment are: credit or debit card, and checks.

If needed, you can also mail in your product payment by money order, along with your application to our corporate office in Austin, Texas. The address can be found under the CONTACT US link at the bottom of my corporate web site.

If you use either the online enrollment or the phone enrollment, I will be notified via email as soon as your enrollment is complete.

I will then have our team's automated marketing system send you a personal welcome letter, that
includes "getting started" instructions to begin building your new Fruta Vida business.

Welcome to our Fruta Vida family! We sincerely believe that you've made a wise choice for both your body and your wallet.

Judy Fruge`
Cameron, LA


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