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The Fruta Vida International Opportunity...
A Compelling Reason for Marketing a Functional Health Beverage with Substantial Benefits like Fruta Vida.

According to FMI/Prevention data, more shoppers opt to use functional foods and beverages than dietary supplements. In fact, nine out of 10 shoppers prefer naturally nutritious foods to supplements (FMI/Prevention HealthFocus).

Buoyed by positive media coverage, 59% of people claim to be eating up to three foods for their functional benefits... 93% believe certain foods have health benefits that may reduce the risk of disease, and 86% are interested in learning more about functional foods (IFIC).

Consumers are incorporating more functional foods in their diet, representing a shift from eliminating the bad (fat, sodium, calories) to adding the good into their food. Seventy-six percent of shoppers reported using functional foods in the last year (NMI).

Traditionally foods have provided for us either taste/convenience benefits or nutrition/enhancement utility. But functional foods and beverages offer the consumer both, and address their increasing concerns about diet by offering the nutritional solutions sought in dietary supplements with the taste and pleasure of �traditional� foods.

Perhaps the single most important factor affecting the functional beverage market is the increase in awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and of the relationship between diet and health. As interest in healthy living increases, consumers become more interested in products that support that lifestyle. Functional beverages will benefit from this growing health awareness among consumers.

Ultimately, the good news for functional beverage suppliers is that functional drinks appeal to both consumers looking for a quick-fix, and to those looking to make lifestyle and health improvements. Continued expansion of our Fruta Vida functional beverage will depend on our ability to fill these two different needs in the area of health and fitness.

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Leo Cosner
New Britain, PA

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