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The Fruta Vida International Opportunity...
It's Fair... It's Simple... It's Generous... And It's HOT!


Fruta Vida International is a new division of a 10 year old company headquartered in Austin, Texas, and we're already turning heads in the home business arena, with good reason. 

The combination of a great tasting product that makes you want more after just one drink... And a compensation plan that "levels the playing field" for the part time entrepreneur, as well as offers huge growth for experienced business builders, have reintroduced the words FUN and SIMPLE into the vocabulary of those who become Fruta Vida members. 

As some industry veterans have put it, "This is an exceptionally fair pay plan with a product that once people try it, they can not live without." What a HOT Combination. It just makes good business sense.

If you don't mind rolling up your sleeves and doing a little work... If you care about your personal health... And, if making a difference in the lives of others is important to you, then Fruta Vida International is an answer that's already making "good business sense" for many people.

The Secret To Our Success, Is... Our Success!

The word is out, and the numbers are in. On April 14, 2005, Fruta Vida International released its updated sales and commission numbers for our first 90 days in business. We had previously released our first 45 days numbers, approximately a month and a half earlier. 

Even though our first 45 days in business gave a good indication of what the future had in store for members of Fruta Vida International, our 90 day numbers not only validate that original forecast, they are "A Call To Action" for anyone who is seriously looking for a way to supplement or replace their current income, and for anyone who understands the importance timing can have when starting a home business.

The whisper is now turning into a quiet roar, as our NEW numbers are now official.  

During the first 90 days since officially opening our doors, Fruta Vida International has now surpassed ANYONE'S expectations! Our company marked its industry debut with unheard of numbers - In The First 90 Days:

Product Sales For Our First 90 Days In Business Totaled $1,500,000.00.
12,000 Members (and counting) Have Now Joined Us.
Over $750,000.00 In Commissions Have Now Been Paid Out!!!...

*What's even more significant is, while our company's time in business doubled from 45 to 90 days, our sales and commission figures did not follow this same pattern. THEY MORE THAN TRIPLED!!! 

...From $448,000 in sales in our first 45 days, to now over $1.5 Million Dollars in sales in our first 90 days... And from over $200, 000 in commissions paid to our members in our first 45 days, to now over $750,000 paid to our members in the first 90 days!

For anyone who understands the difference between progressive and exponential growth, you are witnessing the beginning of exponential growth for Fruta Vida International.

Question: Do you want to be a part of the next $1,000,000.00 plus in commissions that will be paid out by our company in the next 2 months (and it will happen), or do you want to just read about it - again?

Put another way, "Do you want to be in front of the Fruta Vida wave, or chasing behind it?"

...And Fruta Vida's "wave" is just beginning to swell. 

So why is everyone all a buzz about Fruta Vida?... And what's the reason for such
unprecedented numbers? Why is Fruta Vida's new member base now growing exponentially on a daily basis? 

Three simple words: Product, Compensation, Ownership

No one has a crystal ball, but at this rate, Fruta Vida is positioned to do over $10 million in sales in its very first year, and half of that $10 million dollars ($5 million to be exact) will be paid in commissions to our members. People are extremely optimistic about Fruta Vida. Here's why...

ALL Of The Components Needed To Develop A Realistic And Profitable Business From Your Home, Part Time:

u First and foremost, S-I-M-P-L-I-C-I-T-Y.
u No sign-up fees or web site charges! Start for as little as $39.95 - This $39.95 includes your product and two free web sites.
u A great tasting "must try" product that sells itself once people read or hear about it, complete with a "no nonsense," money back guarantee. Some of the Most Nutritious and Powerful Foods In The World, All In One Bottle!
u Begin Earning Immediately - Weekly 50% bonuses ($20 - $70) paid on each personally referred member or customer's 1st product order!
u Our Exclusive PowerFlow Compensation Plan that "levels the playing field" for the part time entrepreneur, and makes it easy for anyone to earn who's willing to learn and put forth the effort.
u True 100% Matching Bonuses paid monthly on the commissions of EVERY member you personally refer to our company. No hoops or hurdles to get paid. No volume requirements. No legs to balance, etc..
u Earn up to $650 - $7,317 monthly, part time. Earn up to $26,829 monthly, full time. It's Simple. It's Generous. It's Fair For ALL. It's EASY To Understand! (Be sure to visit the income page of this site for a complete and easy-to-understand explanation of our member compensation plan.)
u The timing of a just released opportunity by a new division of a stable, ten year old parent company.
u Experienced, ethical owners with over 30 years of industry leadership, management, and success, with a proven track record of caring about their distributors.
u A FREE automated marketing system, with a free website (just like this) provided for every member of our personal Fruta Vida team. This is not a company provided tool.
u A cooperative advertising program for members of our team that produces targeted, prospective customers and members for you in real time, delivered directly to your email inbox. These are individuals who've requested to have YOU contact them, specifically to learn more about YOUR product, Fruta Vida, and your home business.
u Plus much more (See our Team page on this site for more details)...

What To Do Next...

If we have in the least bit piqued your curiosity or interest, and you'd like to learn more, we invite you to continue your tour of our web site. We believe you'll find the information both useful and enlightening.

Simply click on the arrow button below to begin reviewing this information, or if you're ready to join our family now, see the Get Started button at the bottom of this page.

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Fernando Mello
Grandview, WA



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