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Fruta Vida Comp Plan Explanation
Bottom Line: There Just Isn't Anything Else Like It!

An Explanation Of The Fruta Vida International Pay Plan

Even after reviewing the Fruta Vida pay structure, and while most who view it see the uniqueness, many people really don't understand the power behind this plan or the thought that went into developing it... 

i.e. How its authors have made it possible to actually reward both the part time entrepreneur and the full timer fairly.

Below you will find an explanation that we created to further explain its earning potential.

If this doesn't create optimism for you, then we've simply done a poor job of explaining it.

A 100% Matching Bonus...

One of the most impressive features of the Fruta Vida compensation plan is the "true" 100% matching bonus that you receive on every member you personally introduce to our company.

This bonus is based on real dollars and not watered down CV (commissionable volume) that so many companies use to calculate your earnings. With Fruta Vida, it's dollar for dollar, not 60 cents or less on a dollar like many companies offer.

Back To The 100% Matching Bonus...  If for example, you refer just 2 new members to Fruta Vida, and they both earn a monthly check in their 2x7 forced matrix of $200, then in addition to what you earn in your own 2x7 matrix, and what you earn in fast start or rollup bonuses, you would also earn a matching bonus in the amount of $400 monthly (2 x's $200 = $400)

To take this one step further, and if you can visualize your business one year from now... If you set a goal of just introducing 1 new member per month, and only half of these members (6) decided to build their personal Fruta Vida business... and if each of those 6 members subsequently earned a monthly commission check of just $200 in their 2x7 matrix, then your matching bonuses alone would equal $1200 monthly.

That may not seem like a lot of money to some folks, but I can assure you, in an industry where so many people never make a profit,
it's a breath of fresh air.

But that's
only the beginning of the power in our compensation plan.

While many compensation plans say they promote teamwork and motivate your upline to help you, this one proves it (especially if your upline is a proven business builder and will bring in hundreds of new members personally).

What would motivate a business builder to do this with Fruta Vida's comp plan versus another company's?

The Following: This comp plan allows a builder to create "true leverage" for his or her team members, and rewards them for doing so... It does not create "perceived" leverage as in a binary plan, where you think you're being helped by your upline, but in reality, you simply end up with a run away leg of volume that you never earn from.

If you're an aggressive builder, or even in a strong business builder's matrix, the beautiful thing about this comp plan is, it really doesn't matter whether the members you personally introduce to Fruta Vida build their business aggressively, or not... as long as they are an active member, at least at the $39 level.

Allow us to explain:
Some people will be more aggressive than others in developing their Fruta Vida business... Some people will do a little... Some people won't do anything except purchase and consume our remarkable product, and that's great. 

The bottom line is, it really doesn't matter. You want all 3 types of members in your 2x7 matrix team.


Because as long as there are aggressive builders on our team like myself and several others who I have worked with in the past and know what they are capable of, some members are going to make money with Fruta Vida, even if they do nothing, or before they have enrolled their first member.

Sounds crazy? Not at all.

The rewarding part is, when a builder helps to create a monthly check for personally sponsored members of his/her team, he/she will ALWAYS receive a 100% matching bonus check for each of them...

More importantly, it doesn't matter whether the person you sponsored is on the first level of your 2x7 matrix, the 7th level, or the 1000th level... You would still earn a 100% matching bonus check for whatever they earned in their 2x7 matrix! 

That's a true, unblockable infinity bonus plan.

Why would a builder want to sponsor as many members as possible in Fruta Vida, and create both leverage and checks for as many of their members as possible?

Let's say a builder personally sponsored 100 members, and only 10 are aggressive builders like him/her. Let's also say that only half of the other 90 members remain as an active member. 

And finally, let's say that of the 45 that remain an active member, the builder is responsible for creating a monthly check of $50 each for just 20 of their personally sponsored members through aggressive personal building and the aggressive building of the 10 people he/she sponsored who are actually developing the business just like they are.

Well, in addition to what a builder would earn from 1.) the fast start bonuses, 2.) roll ups bonuses on upgrades, 3.) the commissions from their own 2x7 matrix, 4.) the 100% matching bonuses from each of your 10 people who are building like you... 5.) you would also earn another $1000 monthly in 100% matching bonuses - $50 x's the 20 members who you sponsored and helped earn $50 each,
even though they did nothing but become an active member and consume the Fruta Vida product.

Chances are, once a few of the 20 members who you built a check for see this free money coming to them, even though they did nothing to earn it, some will get more excited and start developing their Fruta Vida businesses.

When they begin to do that and increase their check from $50 to, let's say $200 a month, you get another raise because your 100% matching bonus on each of them increases to what they're now earning in their personal 2x7 matrix... no matter where they are in your organization... Your 1st level, your 20th level, your 100th level, your 1000th level...
it doesn't matter.

Now factor in what you're earning in your own 2x7 matrix (let's say $2000 a month)... And then add in the 100% matching bonus you will receive from the 10 people who are building as aggressively as you are (let's say they're earning on average $1500 a month in their personal 2x7 matrix)... Well, multiply 10 x's $1500, and that's another $15,000 a month that your earning in matching bonuses, plus your $2000, plus the matching bonuses from the 20 people you created a check for, plus your fast starts, plus up grades, plus roll ups from up grades... Do I have to say more?

Think about this for just a minute:

How many companies are you aware of that will give you a monthly raise just for introducing a new member to their product or business? 

...More importantly, it's a monthly raise that's equal to whatever dollar amount that new member earned in their basic business?... And the company won't make you jump through any hoops to receive this raise... Just be an active member - $39.95 or $139.95.

Certainly your employer would never offer you a benefit like this, and we don't know of any other company in the home business arena that offers anything that even comes close to this income incentive without first putting in place obstacles to intentionally limit the number of people who actually earned this raise.

Fruta Vida International doesn't play those type of games with its members. 

You introduce them, you're an active member, you get the monthly raise... The only difference is, our monthly raise is called a 100% matching bonus.

We also believe that many people who never earned a dime in a home business will do so with Fruta Vida International because of this one income feature alone. We believe there will be many members earning anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars per month to five figure monthly incomes, to some who will earn six figure monthly incomes... All because of this one feature.

We also believe that because of the fairness in our compensation plan's 100% matching bonus, some of the top income earners with our company aren't even members yet.

Do you see now why a business builder would just want to build and continue building?

And where would all of those new members and customers they're bringing onboard go?

In the matrix, creating true leverage for some members and even free checks.

The more builders we have on our team, the more people are helped, and subsequently motivated to do more... And we can tell you, we have at least 3 dozen serious builders on our team already, that we know from previous experiences with them, are true builders.

As strange as this may seem, there will even be occasions where some people who only want to be a member to purchase our product, will end up earning a check.

Now please understand: We don't advocate marketing your Fruta Vida business by having someone believe all they have to do is enroll as a Fruta Vida member, and they're going to get a free ride. That's not the way to build your business.

While this is a very powerful and very fair compensation plan for both the part time and full time entrepreneur, it becomes even more powerful and fairer to all, when strong business builders do what they do best (introduce hundreds of new members to Fruta Vida), and when part time members do what they do best: Each and everyone making a committed effort to share Fruta Vida with prospective customers and like minded individuals who want more out of life than just a paycheck.

Understanding The Numbers

I'm thrilled when someone first looks at the Fruta Vida comp plan, and then says something like the following to me: "Aren't those commissions in the matrix awful small? How can you make money with payouts like that?"

My answer to them is always the same:

I begin by telling them that the commissions they see in our 2x7 "vanilla" or basic matrix are actually quite generous because I know what they're going to ask me next:

"How can 40 cents on the first level in the standard plan or $1.50 or $3.00 per level in the premium plan be considered generous?"

My answer is the following:
"Because that's what Fruta Vida will pay you on a given level for doing absolutely nothing!"

You see, what most people don't immediately realize is that the commissions per level in our "vanilla" or basic 2x7 matrix'" for both the standard ($39) and Premium ($139) membership assume that
you did not personally enroll any members, and anything you earn in this matrix will be based strictly on the efforts of others, and NOT yours.

So, in essence, it's all free money to you because you did absolutely NOTHING to earn it...

Let me make it just a little more graphic for you: 

The Fruta Vida basic compensation plan (excluding your 100% matching bonuses) is structured to pay a Standard $39.95 member up to $10 of every $40 of product purchased in their entire 2x7 matrix, without the member personally enrolling even 1 single member!!

what would happen to those numbers if someone took this business seriously, and actually started enrolling other members who wanted to feel great and add some extra income to their pockets?

Here's where the REAL Fruta Vida money comes into play, and here's where it gets very exciting and extremely lucrative.

Let's assume you personally introduced just 6 Premium members to our amazing product and home business, and thereafter if each of those members earned an average of just $521.29 in matrix commissions. In this example, you would immediately earn the following:�

$420.00 in fast start bonuses... Plus, depending on where those 6 members were positioned in your business, your monthly part time income would be
up to $5,038.50 in matrix commissions and matching bonuses alone!

Imagine - A monthly part time income of up to $5,038.00 when your 6 personal members earn an average of $521.29 each! This is just the tip of the iceberg.

What would happened if you had 10, 20, 40, even 50 or more personally enrolled members earning just an average of $1,000 each? You can do the math...

What makes these numbers even more significant is the following:�

Unlike other companies where you're paid (if you're lucky) between $5-$8 per $100 of volume per member in your business, in the $529.21 example above, our
PowerFlow plan pays you a very generous $16.50 per $100 of volume per member in your 2x7 forced matrix. That's more than double the industry average - That's real compensation!

Is introducing 6 new Premium members a little too lofty of a goal to start with?

OK, let's assume you only introduced 3 new Premium members to our company, and each of them earned an average of $521.29 in matrix commissions... Your income, including both your matrix commissions and 3 matching bonuses would still be
up to $2,862.75 monthly! I'm sure you could find something to do with that kind of extra part time income, right?

I can assure you, once the light goes on, and someone sees the "big picture" with this comp plan,
nothing else even comes close when compared. It's fair for the part timer and the full timer. It's REAL!

You Write Your Own Check With Fruta Vida International

The income potential with Fruta Vida's compensation plan can become overwhelming. If you're motivated, don't mind rolling up your sleeves and utilizing the marketing tools we provide you with, or using your own, the income potential with our company can be far greater than what we've illustrated for you thus far, and more importantly, it's simple to understand how you can earn it.

A 100% matching bonus on every member you personally introduce to Fruta Vida International?...

What would happen if you tried our product (remember - there's no risk with our full or empty bottle money back guarantee); you loved the delicious berry taste, and you experienced the energy surge that many of our customers feel almost instantly?...

...And what if you then became passionate about Fruta Vida because you understood its great taste and ability to provide you with an almost instant surge of energy were just side benefits to its long term potential benefits in helping you become healthier...�

...And what if you then began sharing this incredible product with everyone you knew and cared about, and even people you didn't know, through our customer acquisition and affiliate acquisition programs?...

Finally, what if over the next 2-3 years, you introduced 100-200 members/customers to our one-of-a-kind product and our business, and many of them also became passionate about Fruta Vida and began sharing it just like you did?

What if they each averaged just $300 monthly in commissions? How much income would that mean to you? You can do the math. i.e. 200 matching bonuses x's $300.00 each = $60,000.00 per month.

Is this impossible? Not at all... Not with a product like Fruta Vida and our PowerFlow pay plan. Is it impossible for you? Only YOU can determine that.



Our monthly commissions are paid through a 2x7 forced matrix that features dynamic compression. 

A completed 2x7 matrix would include 254 members and/or customers.

Each level in your matrix has a fixed dollar amount you can earn per member's purchase on that particular level. The fixed dollar amounts are greater in the Premium membership matrix. (*see compensation plan diagram link at bottom of this page for more details.)

Matrix commissions are calculated at the end of the month, and checks mailed on the 10th of the following month.

As you'll see in just a minute, you can also earn override commissions on far more than just the 254 members in your personal 2x7 matrix.

Matrix Payouts:

A standard $39.95 member could potentially earn up to $650 monthly in their basic 2x7 matrix without personally enrolling 1 member into Fruta Vida International.

A premium member could potentially earn up to $2439 monthly in their basic 2x7 matrix without ever sponsoring anyone.

Of course, the surest way to develop a profitable business with Fruta Vida is to actively share our product and opportunity with others, and if needed, we have resources to help you do this.

There is also a unique feature in our pay plan that allows your matrix to temporarily expand on each level, enabling you to earn even more in your 2x7 matrix, during any given month. This is called our monthly bulge feature.

Here's how it works: At the end of the month, the computer compresses your Matrix to fill empty spots or inactive member spots. When this happens, each level can double in size. So the 7th level with 128 members that pays out $15 per Premium Member purchase can double to 256 members.

Instead of earning up to $2439 monthly in our premium matrix, or $650 in our standard member matrix, you could potentially earn up to $1300 in your 2x7 matrix as a standard member, or up to $4878 as a premium member.

A Thumbnail Of Other Important Comp Plan Features:

1.) Membership Upgrades Bonuses

If you are a Premium member ($139.95), and you enroll a Standard member ($39.95), who later upgrades to a Premium member, you will receive a $50 Upgrade bonus when he/she upgrades...

2.) Roll Up Commissions On Fast Start Bonuses:

If you are a Premium member ($139.95), and you enroll a Standard member ($39.95), who in turns enrolls a Premium member... Because the standard member you enrolled is only eligible to receive $20 of the $70 fast start bonus, the balance of $50 in the fast start bonus rolls up to you!

Conversely, if you are a Premium member ($139.95), and you enroll a Standard member ($39.95), who in turns enrolls another standard member... And if the latter standard member eventually upgrades, if the member you enrolled is still a standard member, then the Upgrade Rollup bonus of $50 is split, with $30 of it going to you, the Premium member, and $20 to the standard member.

3.) Full Compression Matrix:

Your 2x7 matrix is dynamically compressed monthly to fill any holes left by inactive members.

4.) No Hoops To Jump Through:

Absolutely no qualifying, group volume requirements, or ridiculous legs to balance to earn money. Just be an active member ($39.95 or $139.95), and you're eligible to earn.

5.) Miscellaneous: 

Fast start, upgrade, and roll up bonuses are paid weekly, and our pay periods end on the 7th, 14th, 21st, and last day of the month.

Monthly matrix commissions begin in your second calendar month, and are calculated at the end of the month, with checks mailed on the 10th of the following month.

Upgrading From A Standard Member To Premium

If you enrolled as a standard $39.95 member, and you are upgrading to a premium membership in the same calendar month that you enrolled in Fruta Vida, you simply need to place a 3 bottle fast start upgrade order for $100.

If you upgrade anytime after your first calendar month (not 30 day month) ends, you would still order the 3 bottle upgrade package...
HOWEVER (and this is EXTREMELY important), you will also need a 1 bottle qualifying order for the month you're upgrading.

To simplify this: If you were not on autoship before you decided to upgrade, you would order the 3 bottle fast start upgrade package, plus place a 1 bottle qualifying order. 

Remember: To qualify as a Premium in any month, you need a total of 4 bottles ordered.

If you are on autoship when you upgrade, and you already received your 1 bottle qualifying order for the month, you simply need to place your 3 bottle fast start upgrade order.

If you are on autoship when you upgrade, and you have not received your 1 bottle qualifying order for the month before you upgrade, then you need to place your 3 bottle fast start upgrade order, plus a 1 bottle qualifying order.

It's that simple.

You can upgrade by either calling our 24 hour toll free order and enrollment line that's found under the Contact Us link on your company provided website, or you can also upgrade by logging into the member area of your Fruta Vida company web site, and then clicking on the Order Online link.

The simplest way to make sure you are qualified to receive weekly fast start bonuses, is to simply be on a monthly auto ship for your membership level, either $39.95 or $139.95. That's also the fast start level you'll be paid at. 

You also have
the flexibility of changing your monthly autoship date anytime you'd like, and this can be done from the member area of your company website as well.

The FINAL Piece To The Puzzle!

Many of our members are enjoying success building their Fruta Vida businesses simply because of the impact our product has had on people almost instantly. Members have adopted a strategy of just telling as many people as they can about Fruta Vida (friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, even strangers) and asking them to try it. Our product is doing the rest.

We also realize that some members will need assistance finding pre-qualified, prospective members for their business, and we've done something to help them.

Our team also provides, to any member who needs this service, a source of fresh, real time leads made up of individuals who not only want to start their own home business, but they want to start a home business in the Health & Wellness Industry. Moreover, these individuals also want to market a nutritional health beverage like Fruta Vida.

The leads are generated for us in real time and delivered to our member's email inbox just seconds after the person viewing our online ad completed a request form to receive more information.

We also provide those team members who want to take advantage of this service with a step-by-step business building guide.

The cost to use this extremely beneficial advertising strategy in developing your personal Fruta Vida business starts as low as $35.00.

You can receive complete details when you become a member, or if you have questions now, I'll be more than happy to address them.

This lead generating program is not a company provided benefit. It's something we do for you.

With a proven corporate leadership team... With excellent and very credible third party validation for our product's primary superfood, the Acai berry... With our timing... With a very affordable source for real time leads, and finally, with a compensation plan that encourages true leveraging to benefit its members...

It should come as no great surprise that our members are optimistic about their business.

*The above illustrated examples are not a guarantee of income. As with any business, your income is determined by many factors, not the least of which is personal effort.

Compensation Plan Diagram

Click here to open: Fruta Vida Compensation Plan Diagram

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