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A Business Created With The Part Time Entrepreneur In Mind...

Still Looking For A Sensible Way To Supplement Your Income?
There Are Countless "Business Opportunities"... Yet, Few Realistic Home Businesses.
We Keep It Simple...

u Membership................FREE  u Sign Up Fees..................NONE
u Company Website........FREE u Monthly Mtce Fees..........NONE
u Secured Back Office.....FREE u Yearly Renewal Fees........NONE
u Team Website.............FREE u Compensation Hurdles......NONE
u 5 Lead Capture Pages...FREE u Expensive Distributor Kit...NONE

Of course, we also pay both weekly and monthly... Along with 100% matching bonus checks... And a brand new 30 minute TV infomercial airing nationwide, to help you build your business.

u Imagine marketing a product that features an ingredient (the acai berry) which is gaining enormous amounts of attention from celebrities, health experts, and the media, because of its beneficial effect on a person's health and well being. Fruta Vida is the most readily available source of acai berry juice outside of Brazil.

u Imagine marketing a single product that people reorder, NOT because they have to... But rather, because they WANT to... Because of what this product does for them, and means to them and/or their loved ones. That's how you create a "walk away" monthly R-E-S-I-D-U-A-L Income...

u Imagine being able to participate in our team's exclusive advertising co-op, and use the "undeniable" power of Television to help you develop a solid base of customers and associates for your business.

u Imagine a "little known" berry from deep inside the Amazon jungle with 33 times more antioxidants than red wine grapes and twice the antioxidants of blueberries, that has been shown to have the following potential health benefits:

u Helps Control Cholesterol u Improved Sexual Function
u Promote Weight Loss u Very Powerful Antioxidant
u Better Sleep u Helps Combat Heart Disease
u Can Help Control Prostate Enlargement u Helps Fight Infection
u Improved Digestion u Greater Energy/Stamina

u Imagine sharing a product whose main ingredient (the acai berry) is being praised by well known celebrities, such as Oprah Winfrey, Wynonna Judd, Usher, Denise Richards, and James Taylor, as well as being featured in major "main stream" publications such as the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and even on NBC TV.

u Imagine financial compensation where S-I-M-P-L-I-C-I-T-Y and F-A-I-R-N-E-S-S are the rule, rather than the exception... Where there are no hoops or hurdles, no expensive distributor kit to purchase, no group volume requirements, and no legs to balance, in order for you to earn a decent income... Where you can earn 50% weekly bonuses... And where you can earn an unlimited number of "true," 100% matching bonuses monthly... Purchase just one bottle of our power packed functional health beverage,  Fruta Vida, and you're qualified to begin earning commissions.

u Imagine receiving a free automated Internet marketing system just like this to help build your new business.

u Imagine having real tools to help you build your business like our new 30 minute TV infomercial; our $20 Bill sizzle cards; our direct mail post card campaign; or our exclusive, real time Health and Nutrition business leads package, plus much more.

u And finally, imagine being in the right place, at the right time, and learning about our company before the world knows that either our product or our opportunity exist. The membership of Fruta Vida is now less than 4% of the size it will eventually become, according to predictions made by expert industry analysts.

u Over 14,000 distributors in the first one hundred and twenty days... $2,000,000.00 Dollars in product sales during this same period... $1,000,000.00 in commissions already paid out to our members... And finally, an enviable product reorder rate, is proof that our product and our opportunity have legs. Our company posted these impressive numbers in its first 120 days WITHOUT the help of massive TV exposure. 

u IMAGINE what will happen for our members (people no different than you) when our product is seen on TV in homes all across America, starting the first week in July, 2005!... It is a fact: The surest way for you to earn a significant income in a company that turns out to be a hit is to be there in the beginning. You are here - It is the beginning. 

Imagine The DIFFERENCE... Imagine Fruta Vida International

We invite you to
Learn More Today by simply clicking the oval button directly below to ENTER our web site. 

Find out how you can try this new power packed and delicious, functional health beverage risk free, and determine if Fruta Vida is a product you would be proud to recommend, while being compensated fairly for your efforts.


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